1. a physicist who studies astronomy
Syn: ↑astronomer, ↑uranologist
Derivationally related forms: ↑stargaze, ↑uranology (for: ↑uranologist)
Topics: ↑astronomy, ↑uranology
Hypernyms: ↑physicist
Hyponyms: ↑astrophysicist, ↑cosmologist
Instance Hyponyms:
Alhazen, ↑Alhacen, ↑al-Haytham, ↑Ibn al-Haytham, ↑Al-Hasan ibn al-Haytham, ↑Anaximander, ↑Aristarchus of Samos, ↑Bessel, ↑Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel, ↑Bowditch, ↑Nathaniel Bowditch, ↑Brahe, ↑Tycho Brahe, ↑Celsius, ↑Anders Celsius, ↑Copernicus, ↑Nicolaus Copernicus, ↑Mikolaj Kopernik, ↑Eddington, ↑Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington, ↑Eratosthenes, ↑Galileo, ↑Galileo Galilei, ↑Hale, ↑George Ellery Hale, ↑Hall, ↑Asaph Hall, ↑Halley, ↑Edmond Halley, ↑Edmund Halley, ↑Herschel, ↑William Herschel, ↑Sir William Herschel, ↑Sir Frederick William Herschel, ↑John Herschel, ↑Sir John Herschel, ↑Sir John Frederick William Herschel, ↑Hipparchus, ↑Huggins, ↑Sir William Huggins, ↑Hypatia, ↑Kepler, ↑Johannes Kepler, ↑Johan Kepler, ↑Kuiper, ↑Gerard Kuiper, ↑Gerard Peter Kuiper, ↑Langley, ↑Samuel Pierpoint Langley, ↑Laplace, ↑Marquis de Laplace, ↑Pierre Simon de Laplace, ↑Lovell, ↑Sir Bernard Lovell, ↑Sir Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell, ↑Lowell, ↑Percival Lowell, ↑Mitchell, ↑Maria Mitchell, ↑Muller, ↑Johann Muller, ↑Regiomontanus, ↑Newcomb, ↑Simon Newcomb, ↑Omar Khayyam, ↑Oort, ↑Jan Hendrix Oort, ↑Peirce, ↑Benjamin Peirce, ↑Ptolemy, ↑Claudius Ptolemaeus, ↑Rittenhouse, ↑David Rittenhouse, ↑Russell, ↑Henry Russell, ↑Henry Norris Russell, ↑Schiaparelli, ↑Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, ↑Shapley, ↑Harlow Shapley, ↑Sitter, ↑Willem de Sitter, ↑Thales, ↑Thales of Miletus, ↑Tombaugh, ↑Clyde Tombaugh, ↑Clyde William Tombaugh
2. someone indifferent to the busy world

in the Odyssey Homer tells of lotus-eaters who live in dreamy indolence

Syn: ↑lotus-eater
Derivationally related forms: ↑stargaze
Hypernyms: ↑daydreamer, ↑woolgatherer
3. heavy-bodied marine bottom-lurkers with eyes on flattened top of the head
Hypernyms: ↑percoid fish, ↑percoid, ↑percoidean
Member Holonyms: ↑Uranoscopidae, ↑family Uranoscopidae

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